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Mr. Shapiro is not a licensed optometrist or opthalmologist.  He does not diagnose or treat the presence of abnormal conditions of the eye and its appendages, or the accommodative and refractive conditions of the eye:  or prescribe visual training and/ or the use of scientific instruments to train the visual system.  He is not licensed in the state of Colorado to do so.  You should consult with and follow the instructions of an optometrist or opthalmologist when using visual training procedures.

Steve holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education and an Undergraduate Degree in Rehabilitation Psychology from the University of Kansas. After graduating in 1975, Steve taught for several years in a private school coordinating special education services and needs. In 1979, he moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a desire to expand his knowledge in order to help students struggling with dyslexia, learning disabilities, and reading problems.

It was during this time Steve met an optometrist specializing in children with learning and reading difficulties and a using a unique developmental training program. They formed a center for the purpose of effectively helping students overcome learning and reading disabilities. This center eventually became The Learning Connection in Colorado Springs, CO. Steve speaks extensively throughout the nation on learning problems. He has been featured on the 700 Club, Point of View, numerous other radio talk shows, and has been featured in many magazines and newspapers around the country. 

Sheilah Shapiro holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in elementary education, and has extensive background in reading.  Sheilah has developed an advanced phonics/vocabulary program for older elementary students and teens who have struggled with the foundations of reading.  Sheilah tutors in reading at The Learning Connection, and assists out-of-town families with help in reading and comprehension.