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School-aged children as well as teens and adults who have found reading and learning to be frustrating can be helped by the educational professionals at the The Learning Connection.

Others, including students diagnosed with Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Visual processing difficulties, Poor visual memory, Auditory processing difficulties, Asperger's syndrome, Mild Autism, or Limited visual-perceptual skills can find a program just right for their child!


The Learning Connection specializes in substantially improving the ability to process information, thus restoring the ability to read and learn effectively.We provide techniques and exercises to  build and improve the following areas: 

VISION - the ability to process what we see, to strengthen the brain's ability to process visual information more efficiently and quickly, to get and maintain a 'visual picture' in the brain, essential to attention span, comprehension and memory

AUDITORY - the ability to process what we hear, essential to following directions, sequencing, and learning to read effectively

PERCEPTION - ability to perceive size, shape, and distance accurately. take in information from 'outside myself', essential to learning letters, numbers, directionality, organization, and identification of words, letters, and numbers

COORDINATION - right/left brain communication and brain dominancy, essential to  body awareness, motor efficiency, and the ability of the brain to 'solve problems' more efficiently

Only when these 4 essential skills are accomplished can an academic program be successful.

Developmental programs offered through The Learning Connection are designed to enable students and parents to work together.  Typically, changes and improvement are evident within 4-6 weeks.

Mr. Shapiro is not a licensed optometrist or opthalmologist.  He does not diagnose or treat the presence of abnormal conditions of the eye and its appendages, or the accommodative and refractive conditions of the eye:  or prescribe visual training and/ or the use of scientific instruments to train the visual system.  He is not licensed in the state of Colorado to do so.  You should consult with and follow the instructions of an optometrist or opthalmologist when using visual training procedures.