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Here's what some of our client's have to say about their experiences with  The Learning Connection:

"Your center is the first really successful means for visual/auditory processing training that I have seen, and I'm thankful for it and will continue to refer families to you." - Pam Ortiz 10-year teacher

"During my school years, my school performance was terrible."

" Reading was extremely slow and I never really improved. My comprehension worsened, studying became something only normal people could do."

"I can now read and comprehend a book from the Bible in 2 or 3 sittings rather than 25 or more readings."

- Bob Roberts
33 year-old computer teacher

"Davie has improved greatly in everything. He sounds out words now where as before it was very hard. He would try over and over without success."

"He reads a lot smoother and his handwriting has improved."

"Davie's self-esteem is better. He is not afraid to tackle words."

-Dana Roberts-Parent: son Davie-age 9 

"My son commented that it is easier for him to read and that he doesn't tire when he reads anymore"

"I have noticed improvements in both confidence and coordination."

"He now has a budding interest in reading. Thank you!"

- Linda Mohr-Parent: son John-age 12

"Thank you for being with us on The 700 Club program...I know so many families can benefit from your work"

"I praise God for the good work you are accomplishing through your Learning Connection Center."

"May God's blessing be abundant in your life."

- Pat Robertson
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

"Thank you so much for being our guest on 'Point of View Radio Talk Show' on December 7th."

"We at Point of View sincerely appreciate the work and time you devoted to your book, The Learning Connection."

"Your insightful comments were an integral contribution to the show."

- Karen Shannon
Secretary to Marlin Maddoux-National Radio Talk Show Host