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The Learning Connection


Please read the following carefully:

Mr. Shapiro is not a licensed optometrist or opthalmologist.  He does not diagnose or treat the presence of abnormal conditions of the eye and its appendages, or the accommodative and refractive conditions of the eye:  or prescribe visual training and/ or the use of scientific instruments to train the visual system, and is not licensed in the state of Colorado to do so.  You should consult with and follow the instructions of an optometrist or opthalmologist when using visual training procedures.

How to Become a  Consultant

The following information is intended ONLY as a brief summary of qualifications and costs.  Detailed information will be provided to those who interested in and qualified to join The Learning Connection as a teacher.  Interested parties are encouraged to call 1-(888)556-0230 for an application packet.

The Learning Connection offers opportunities for teachers and non-professionals to learn the testing and training procedures they utilize for helping students who struggle with reading and learning difficulties.


A Learning Connection teacher is someone who holds the following academic credentials and completes the following Learning Connection training

  • Applicant must hold an undergraduate degree, or has been certified as a teacher in a public or private school.

  • Applicant attends a Learning Connection training session in Colorado Springs.  The registration fee is $1,875 for an intensive, hands-on session.  Travel and room expenses are NOT included in this training fee.  The training includes a computer/development kit and training materials to establish a teaching practice.  At the end of this session, the attendee will be certified to provide TLC workshops, testing services and teaching services.

  • Once trained, a teacher may choose to establish a Learning Connection Center as a business. At this point a teacher also becomes a representative allowing for a renumeration percentage from products ordered by families

  • The Learning Connection will provide supervision and technical support. 

If you are interested in establishing a professional affiliation with The Learning Connection, and meet the established educational and occupational requirements, you are invited to contact us to discuss a unique opportunity.

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