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The Learning Connection


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Please read the following carefully:

Mr. Shapiro is not a licensed optometrist or opthalmologist.  He does not diagnose or treat the presence of abnormal conditions of the eye and its appendages, or the accommodative and refractive conditions of the eye:  or prescribe visual training and/ or the use of scientific instruments to train the visual system, and is not licensed in the state of Colorado to do so.  You should consult with and follow the instructions of an optometrist or opthalmologist when using visual training procedures.

What Can Be Expected?

The results of the services and programs offered by The Learning Connection are measurable and impressive!

Clients successfully completing prescribed developmental training typically enjoy reading and comprehension.

Most noticeable is that clients are able to concentrate and pay attention on demand.

Children and adults alike enjoy faster, smoother reading and marked improvement in reading comprehension.

The combined effect of our diagnostic screening and developmental training typically results in increased memory, with improved spelling and math skills.

Students produce greater performance on the Stanford Achievement Test, Iowa Test and others.

The most valuable gift afforded by The Learning Connection is the sense of self-esteem and improved self-image earned by our clients during the process of developmental therapy.

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