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Please read the following carefully:

Mr. Shapiro is not a licensed optometrist or opthalmologist.  He does not diagnose or treat the presence of abnormal conditions of the eye and its appendages, or the accommodative and refractive conditions of the eye:  or prescribe visual training and/ or the use of scientific instruments to train the visual system.  He is not licensed in the state of Colorado to do so.  You should consult with and follow the instructions of an optometrist or opthalmologist when using visual training procedures.


              .....20% of the nation's high school graduates are only reading on a 4th-5th grade reading level

              .....In 1970, 6% of school children were needing special education classes; in 2004, the percentage rose to 25-30%!

              .....There are 30+million adults who are considered illiterate (reading on or below a 4th grade reading level)

              .....There are approximately 1-3 students in every classroom considered to have an 'attention span problem'       

          Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), comprehension problems, reading struggles make school achievement difficult. If a child or an adult in your family has been diagnosed with Dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or struggles with learning disabilities and reading problems, The Learning Connection may be the answer you have been looking for!  The Learning Connection specializes in getting to the ROOT problems of learning, and CORRECTING them not just helping students COPE with their difficulties! The most common symptoms we work with have been well-known:

          Short attention span

          Poor comprehension

          Miscalling words that look similar

          Reversals of letters, words, and numbers

          Slow, choppy reading

          Skipping lines, losing place, hesitating

          Messy handwriting, poor spelling and math

          Poor organization

          Low self-confidence in school achievement

We specialize in the correction of poor reading skills resulting from these disorders.  How do we do this?  We  develop the 4 essential skills that are necessary in order for effective reading and learning to occur.

When reading difficulties get in the way of learning, the results can be frustrating for children and adults.  

Who can be helped?  At The Learning Connection, we offer a program of developmental integration exercises that involve corrective training for children and adults who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia or classified as having Attention Deficit Disorder and are currently experiencing reading and learning problems.

Perhaps your child or an adult in the family has previously been diagnosed with one or several types of learning disorders or disabilities.  You may even have tried numerous academic programs only to experience minimal results.

If allowed to continue, learning difficulties, dyslexia,  Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and reading struggles can cause struggling studentsto begin to withdraw from participation in learning and school. 

The effects of such avoidance, of course, are evident in the individual's low self-esteem, eroded confidence and, for school-age children, an overall negative academic experience.  

The Learning Connection was founded for the sole purpose of solving the underlying root problems that keep people from achieving at their top potential because of reading problems.  

Parents of children with learning difficulties involving reading disabilities, math problems and related areas may be surprised to learn that many of these reading and math problems can be significantly corrected.  Typically, the process involves an initial screening followed by the development and initiation of an integrated developmental-exercise training program. Out-of town families can participate in the Home-Based evaluation and Home-Therapy Program.

Difficulties with math problems, poor handwriting, poor spelling, a short attention span, low reading comprehension, and visible low self-esteem, may actually arise from your child's inability to PROCESS information. In other words, very bright, intelligent students may have never developed the essential skills necessary to RECEIVE, STORE, AND PRODUCE written information! That is, the neurological process that permits learning to occur may not be fully developed in your child.  Most academic programs are not able to locate these areas and provide the tools for correcting them.

Underlying Root Problems that Stunt Potential

The first step to correcting Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is understanding the underlying problems that cause reading and language problems to occur.

Most conventional programs are designed to help struggling students by prescribing tutoring, remedial reading, or other educational approaches.

While these programs help with overall ACHIEVEMENT,  The Learning Connection is geared towards correcting the ROOT problems that cause:Short Attention Span Low Comprehension Slow, Choppy Reading Poor Handwriting and Spelling Inability to Follow Directions Number and Letter Reversals Low Self-Esteem

   Children and adults exhibiting the symptoms listed above are good candidates for our unique program, even if they have not been diagnosed with Dyslexia or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The key is training the brain in all areas of development to receive and process information more effectively.

See what others are saying about our exciting programs.  Then, call our Colorado office today at 1-719-495-3400  We'll be happy to introduce you to the certified Learning Connection specialist nearest you.